The Stockholm Roleplaying Guild is a resource for adult tabletop roleplaying gamers to find one another for regular English language games. As of 2018-01-22, we’re also a registered association in Sverok.

The Club Board

Club administration is handled by a volunteer group of regular members. All decisions regarding club rules and policy are made by this group, and they are the ones responsible for all administrative tasks. The club board is elected at our annual meeting according to the standard Sverok rules.

Communication Channels

The starting point for getting in touch with the Guild is the Meetup site After that all discussions, after-action reports, questions etc, are done on our Slack chat server.

To join our Slack server you have to first RSVP to one of our events. When you do so you will be asked for your email address, so watch out for that prompt in Meetup and fill in your email so that we can send you an invite.

Regular Events

We currently run one event a month, usually the second Saturday of the month. All people who want to run a game are welcome to advertise their game on the relevant channel in Slack. Players should talk to the GM of whichever game they’re interested in if they want to join.

What if there aren’t any places available?

If there’s no space available at any of the tables for a given event or if there aren’t any that appeal to you, you have a few options:

  • Ask in the relevant Slack channel. Many of our players are also GMs and some may be willing to take time out from their campaign for a session to run something for some newcomers. We are always available to help put groups together for one-shot adventures.
  • Run your own game. We can always use new GMs. Most major role playing games have “quick start” adventures which are designed for new players and GMs alike to dive in and learn as they play. We have a number of starter sets available to borrow on request.
  • Register your interest with the GMs of any of the games you’re interested in to join in case a space opens up.

Note that, although we will do our best to cover everyone, we cannot guarantee the number of game tables or spots available at our events.

What if I want to run a game outside the regular events?

We have a Slack channel for that where you can advertise your game or join an existing one. Of course, in that case, arranging for a time and venue will be up to you.

Alcohol policy

The main club events are alcohol-free events. Members often meet for after-game drinks but there’s no drinking in the actual club events.

Code of Conduct

We expect anyone that joins our guild to be ready to follow our Code of Conduct. Make sure to read it.