Welcome to the Stockholm Roleplaying Guild.

We’re a group of people who are into tabletop roleplaying games (RPG).

This group is intended to allow Tabletop RPG gamers in Stockholm to find other people to game with and to join sessions hosted by its members.

We organize and support a number of regular campaigns, running at least one session a month, as well as one-shot adventures. Each game usually involves 3-6 players plus a Game Master. Anyone is welcome to join and/or run a game.

A roleplaying campaign involves playing a character over many sessions, stretching over months or sometimes even years and would suit players ready to commit to attending most sessions in order to help keep the story going and to be fair to other players.

One-shot adventures are suited to play over one or two sessions and are suitable for players interested in trying roleplaying games but who are unwilling or unable to commit to a full campaign. They’re also a good way to try out something new or take a break from your regular campaign.

We currently run one whole-club meetup a month, usually on the second Saturday of the month, in Älvsjö. The monthly meetups are a time to get everyone together in the same space to run all the games we’re currently running, catch up with our fellow gamers, and briefly discuss club business. People are, of course, welcome to run their own games whenever they like and use our resources for getting in touch with others.

We currently organize events through Meetup where we gather attendance and RSVPs. People can then join tables by asking the respective Game Master on Slack. The monthly Meetups will be posted with a list of the currently available games, with the GM of each game describing what they’re running, what to expect, and how to RSVP if there are any seats available for their game.

If you want to run a game at one of our meetups or anywhere else, please message one of the organizers.